JOEY Beagle Senior Male for sale in Knoxville, Tennessee


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If you are interested in JOEY or in adopting a pup in general, the first step is an adoption application. Download an adoption application herePlease email the completed application to kappy.woofriver@gmail.comPlease submit an application rather than an inquiry with no application attached.JOEY is one of the calmest, kindest souls we have ever had in our program. He is intelligent, compassionate and affectionate. He is very attentive and is beyond content sitting at your feet and looking endlessly lovingly into your eyes while you pet him. He is a laid back kind of fellow who enjoys tranquil walks around the neighborhood or relaxing days cuddling on the couch. In fact, his favorite thing is being curled up near his foster mom while being loved on and getting his ears rubbed. He wants to go anywhere you do and is a precious waggy-tailed shadow. When he is not with his foster mom, he can usually be found on one of his two dog beds, curled up and dreaming peacefully. He is funny about the dog beds and a lot of times paws at them for a while to get them in just the right position, which sometimes is upside down. He also enjoys sunbathing outside on a nice day and squints at the sun with his nose in the air to sniff the breeze. He is immediately personable with everyone he meets. He will trot right up to a new person and sit in front of them for some rubbins. He never gets too excited, so he provides a calm and sweet reception for visitors. He is also very fond of dogs, but doesnt really get wild with his play. He follows along with the dogs he shares a foster home with and is very social. JOEY is wonderful with kitties and even makes ones wary of dogs comfortable. He currently shares his foster home with a puppy, a senior dog and 2 cats. This guy is one of those rare gentle souls that only some people are lucky enough to meet in their lifetime. He is the perfect dog to accompany you to all your favorite places. He has impeccable manners, is infinitely patient and never jumps up on anyone. Basically, he is always a delight to be around. He is a dream on a leash and calmly walks with you without pulling. He is loyal as the day is long and incredibly eager to please. Unlike most beagles, this guy rarely makes a peep, but when he does, his little scratchy beagle howl is super cute and is definitely a muffled version. Its a tiny, polite hello to his four-legged friends in the neighborhood. He is a perfect gentleman in the house, has never had an accident and is so trustworthy that his foster mom leaves him free in the house when she is not home. JOEY is a true gem who will make his forever familys dreams come true.To see even more pictures of JOEY copy and paste the following link into your browser:/sh/q0d5tbcqxf0n8tu/AAAd_dcu1jVwo4zRlNSvWURXa?dl=0JOEY is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations including 2 rounds of both the H3N2 and H3N8 canine influenza vaccinations.His $490 adoption fee includes the cost of transport to Knoxville after he is officially adopted.For an adoption application on JOEY click herePlease email the completed application to It typically takes us around 5 BUSINESS DAYS to process an application. We will reach out to you as soon as your application is processed. Thank you in advance for your patience.All of our dogs start their journey in Memphis, Tennessee where they remain in loving foster families until they are adopted. Once adopted, some pups stay local in Memphis. Many others travel via one of our transport partners to their new forever homes. We use Alpha Dog Pet Transport for our Nashville, Knoxville and some New England adoptions ( We also use Pet Express Tupelo ( For our Midwest adopters, we have our own private transport (/roadhomepettransport).Breed selection is done in conjunction with two local vets and is not to be considered a guarantee but rather a well-educated decision from well qualified staff.Due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we receive, we ask that you request, complete, and submit an application before asking additional questions. We try very hard to include all pertinent information in our bios. We are excited to help you find your new family member. However, Woof River is 100% volunteer operated. We want to spend our time saving dogs and assisting those adopters who have taken the time to complete an application. Thank you for understanding.Please LIKE Woof River on Facebook!Thank you for choosing rescue!!

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